Split w/ Filaments

by Longlashed

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Split tape with Filaments being released by 46RPM Summer 2017.

Longlashed is James Clark, Bart Davis, and Andon Whitehorn.

Filaments is Daniel Felton, Garett Fisbeck, Caleb Montgomery, and Taylor Vinson.


released June 15, 2017

Recorded May, 2016 by Daniel Felton.
Mastered by Blake Lusk.
Album art by Garett Fisbeck.



all rights reserved


Longlashed Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

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Track Name: LoHi
Your day begins
Where the last one ends.
Sun's in the east
But all you wanna' do is eat.
When was your last meal?
Imbibe in the parking lot to heal.
Stay awake to satiate, then
Crash out in your room atop a house.
Only shortly thereafter to wake up,
Stretch and have a cup.
Shower, and fold some fabric,
But think you need another for how you sweat.
A million degrees brings a million reasons
To leave the house.
So, meet up with Colin for a bite,
And joke about the fernet you fed him last night.
Give thanks, and you go about your day,
Another stop in to the Lost Highway.
A gang of bikers with day rides planned.
They're off too the next stop, and a better hand.
Head to another Room,
And a Lounge to consume.
His hands are still shaking.
I mean, have you ever seen them not?
Head west,
End back east
For our last hop.
We watched From Dusk 'Til Dawn,
Just like we had said.
Then retire for the evening in a
Third floor bed.
Track Name: Talking Heads
Unscrubbed tiles
Are never the focus.
Faces blue like the 80s,
Post-retroist portraits.
Short sleeves,
And shorter hair.
Polyester collar,
Meet summer air.
Beady eyes
With needy stares.
Maybe they want more?
Maybe they don't care.
Take your pick,
And keep eyes up there.
Try not to fall
Down three stairs.
Your choice
Is still mediocre.
Yet, you order it
Attention to all
Of the wrong details.
It's the same
As it ever was.
And somehow
You've heard the Talking Heads
For what seem a like days,
And you're not complaining,
But "Once In A Lifetime" would be great
To hear right now.
Two men
Out the window.
Looking in
Across the way.
"We should put
More art in here."
But, christ, there's already too much
As there is.
Track Name: You Go
As a wave
On the beach,
There's a breeze
Crashing through these trees.
It's these winds
That have kept me here,
And it's these winds
That take me back fifteen years.
Driving east
Of Thirty-Five
With the windows down.
And that car
In fifth gear
Just to feel alive.
And these roads
That you've known
Since you were young,
Yet they're so old.
Yeah, these roads
They show their grit,
When each bump
Makes the track skip.
To all those bands
That are so
Much better than you.
And let's be clear,
While we're here,
They are still so much better thank you.
I think you've bought
Orange Rhyming Dictionary
At least three times
Over three years.
But, no matter,
You'd gladly buy it
Three times over
For how it makes you feel,
And deal.
And you go "'oh wow'".
You used to play to emulate,
But now you play to relate.
It's the same reasons,
'Cause you're that same person.
I hope you're better off for it.
I hope you're not worse off for not realizing it sooner.
Track Name: Earth And Iodine
It's been a month
Of things just tumbling down.
Built up on years,
And hidden under a crown.
Finally give in,
And find the help that you had sought.
Hear exposition,
Then grow cold, and think yourself distraught.
You thought it was one,
But one's not as good as eight.
To line their pockets,
Or in truth to save your face?
Wouldn't it be great
If they could just remove this thing
From the equation that is you?
Too good to be true.
But you know it's never that easy,
And, hey, maybe there's a metaphor in here somewhere
For life as it stands,
Or at least a clever line in a song.
Fill them in, and then you wait again.
Find calcified, they'll have to break through rock before you can mend.
Wake up desperate,
While anguish radiates.
Worry, despondent.
Will it ever dissipate?
So, you decide you're going to play the show.
You would've anyway, but how could you have known that it would
Take yourself a dozen showers, and a dozen hours in scalding water,
And it would take yourself a dozen drinks, and a dozen more much hotter
To ink the deal?
Mouth of earth and iodine.
Take two pills to keep in line.
Mouth of earth and iodine.
Skip two songs to keep in time.